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About Edna 

I’m Edna and I help empower women to find peace and relief from physical pain. 


I started my journey into energy healing when I turned 35 years old. That's when my ankles, knees, and lower back started to be in constant pain. My ankles would swell up from walking at work, and there were many times when my lower back was hurting so badly that I just couldn’t get up and walk. 


I started looking into ways to manage the pain without medication. I just didn’t want to spend the rest of my life taking painkillers or anti-inflammatory medication. My doctor said that the pain in my legs was simply an old sprain that would act up from time to time and that it would go away on its own, but the pain never really went away.


About Edna

So I came across Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine and I signed up for one of her classes. I discovered that my pain was being stored in my biofield and that I needed to work on removing the stuck energy from my energetic field to relieve the pain.


I started using her techniques on myself and I saw improvement in my physical ailments. The ankles stopped swelling up as often. From that day on I was hooked! I started learning about sound vibration and energy work.

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2021 Blissbowls TM Singing Bowl Certificate

2021 Masterclass on Quantum Energy Healing Certificate

2021 Color Therapy Diploma

2022 Quantum Crystal Healing

2023 Angelic Healing Certification

2023 Archangel Activation Facilitator Certification

2023 Quantum-Touch Level One, Level 2

2024 Golden Angelic Healing Teacher

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